Thursday, May 31, 2012

Melting Crayons in the summer heat!

This summer I am nannying for two of the sweetest kids. I decided to post some things on here that we have done so far.  This week it has been extremely HOT in Nashville, and it is not even June yet! I decided to use this weather and my oh so hot black car to have the kiddos melt their own crayons. They LOVED it! (and so did I ). Such a fun and easy project for a hot day!

We started by peeling the paper from old crayons  from my classroom. They broke them into misses and added them to the mini muffin pan. These two kids are so thoughtful they even made one for their mom,  dad, and little sister(who is at daycare during the day). 

We left them on the dashboard of my black car while we were at the pool swimming. After 2 hours  at the pool we came back to the car and the crayons were liquid! As we drove home they began to harden once they cooled off. The kids thought it was cool watching them change from a liquid to a solid (teachable moment for this teacher!).

After a nap/rest time the crayons were cooled off and we colored with them! So fun!

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