Thursday, May 31, 2012

JuMp JuMp!

Nashville has a new trampoline indoor park (Sky High Sports). We spent the morning jumping! I think I had just as much fun as the kids did! We can't wait to go back soon!

Dodgeball game trampolines.

He was rockin' the dodge ball game!

Swing out into the foam pit or you could bounce into it from a smaller trampoline.

She was a pro!

Hiding in the foam pit!

Free jump area. I learned today that I can no longer flip like I use to be able to do. haha

More dodgeball!

We enjoyed the giant fan on our way out the door. What a workout! 

I have decided to have the kids pick one random act of kindness a week to do for someone else(not my idea, but it's a good one!). After I gave them a few ideas of things we could do they decided they wanted to hide dollars in the toy section of Dollar Tree for another child to find randomly. We wrote messages("Enjoy this random act of kindness"), put the quarters in a bag and tied it up. The best part was having a mini math lesson with the quarters before we started. I was able to help the little one practice coin recognition and the older one practice multiplication using the coins! Wish we could have seen the look on the kid's faces that found the money. (=

Finding a good spot to hide the dollar. 

I love that he put his in the boy section and she put hers with the girl toys. 

I found a good spot for mine in the ball bin. 

She put hers under the barbie doll. perfect!

Melting Crayons in the summer heat!

This summer I am nannying for two of the sweetest kids. I decided to post some things on here that we have done so far.  This week it has been extremely HOT in Nashville, and it is not even June yet! I decided to use this weather and my oh so hot black car to have the kiddos melt their own crayons. They LOVED it! (and so did I ). Such a fun and easy project for a hot day!

We started by peeling the paper from old crayons  from my classroom. They broke them into misses and added them to the mini muffin pan. These two kids are so thoughtful they even made one for their mom,  dad, and little sister(who is at daycare during the day). 

We left them on the dashboard of my black car while we were at the pool swimming. After 2 hours  at the pool we came back to the car and the crayons were liquid! As we drove home they began to harden once they cooled off. The kids thought it was cool watching them change from a liquid to a solid (teachable moment for this teacher!).

After a nap/rest time the crayons were cooled off and we colored with them! So fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Field Day 2012

This pretty much sums up our day. haha

Bouncy houses in the gym..I forgot how much fun those are!

Highlights from the day. 


 To practice adverbs my students had to write an adverb on each ray of their sunshine. Then they wrote two sentences on the attached adverb paper and highlighted their adverbs. My kiddos did not enjoy this activity as much as they did the angry adverbs, but it was still a big hit! They really enjoyed adding the faces to their sunshines afterwards.

"Miss Kenimer runs slowly. Miss Kenimer spoke softly."
(I guess since I haven't been able to run in months they just assume I'm a slow runner now?) haha

I liked the cat face on this sunshine. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We learned the "Write stuff" in first grade!

We Learned the "Write stuff" in first grade! (=
One of my favorites:
"In first grade I learned about reading. At first I wasn't a good reader but now I'm an awesome reader. We also learned about how to treat other people the way you want to be treated."  

"In first grade I learned onomatopoeias. My favorite one is meow. We also learned verbs. Verbs are action words. My favorite thing I learned about is Auburn. We learned that Auburn is the best place ever!!"

Smart kiddo (= War Eagle!

AnGrY aDvErBs!

The kids were so excited to practice adverbs by writing angry adverb stories about the birds. As soon as they saw this assignment on my desk (two days before we did it) they all wanted to know what it was for. I love being able to connect learning with something they very interested in. (=

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cloud writing prompt

In the Clouds I have seen......

"In the clouds I have seen a heart in the sky. Because I have  loved it! Hearts are my favorite!"

"In the clouds I see a flower that is very pretty. And I can even see it from my house and it even has the sun in it as the background."

Accelerated Reader Picnic!

AR Picnic

 To help my firsties keep track of their AR points and encourage them to earn more.